Men's Burgundy Utility Kilt

Men's Burgundy Utility Kilt

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The Mad Man Burgundy Adjustable Utility Kilt is made with 3 full yards of 100%  cotton / poly denim material. When the adjustable snap buttons on the waist and hips are snapped together they allow for 2 inches of adjustment at the waist and hips for a perfect fit. An exceptional design allows for maximum comfort in adjustable kilts.

Adjustable Kilts Should All Look This Good!

The Mad Man Burgundy Utility Kilt come in waist sizes ranging from 30 inches to 56 inches with the standard 22 or 24 inch drop length. The MM Kilts are stitched together with fully sewn 1.5" pleats. The MM Utility Kilt comes with 5 decorative brass snap buttons on the outside front panel. The right and left side expandable pockets are large enough to hold a bunch of stuff in one pocket and a bunch of more stuff in the other pocket and even more stuff in the smaller outer pockets. The double brass snaps on the pocket flaps will keep all that stuff in there until you need it. There is also a hidden rear wallet pocket with and an exposed flap with two brass snap buttons to hide that big wad of cash you will be saving when you buy your Modern Utility Kilt from PD Kilts.

Mad Man Burgundy Utility Kilt

Kilt Details

  • The Mad Man Burgundy Utility Kilt has seven 3 inch belt loops
  • Fully sewn 1.5" pleats
  • Waist sizes ranging from 30 inches to 56 inches
  • 5 decorative brass snap buttons
  • Shortened and longer lengths available on request

Perfectly compliment with our leather kilt belt (these work for other adjustable kilts too!)  and  will keep your kilt riding in style and there is no way in hell that they, she, he or whoever is getting to your goods under that sexy kilt without your permission.

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