Size Matters - How to Measure for a PD Kilt

Do not order the size you wear in pants!

Men's trousers are vanity-sized at least two inches smaller than actual inches!

A 36 pants size actually measures 37" to 41" depending on the style and the brand (Sauer, 2010; Trinidad, 2013).

PD Kilt sizes are sized as actual inches, not the misleading vanity sizes found in stores. Always use a cloth measuring tape to measure yourself. Measure your body where you intend to wear your kilt – on your waist or hips. This may be where you wear your jeans or it could be higher or lower. If the measurement is an odd number, subtract one inch. The adjustable snap-button straps will accommodate the difference in fit.

Example: You wear a 34 in pants at your favorite store. When you measure your waist, it is 37". Your PD Kilt size is 36W. 

Our adjustable waist and hip straps allow you to refine the fit of your kilt by one-inch increments. This lets you wear your kilt higher or lower on your torso as you please and will accommodate weight fluctuations. If you place a custom order, you may request longer straps with additional snap buttons at the same price as our standard 3-snap straps. 

Measuring for length - Traditional or (much) Shorter

A traditional length is just below your knee cap, which is basically the line were your knee bends in half. Measure from the top of the kilt waistband where you plan to wear it down to the middle of your knee to find your length. We travel with 22" lengths at events. You can custom order 18", 20" and 24" lengths at the same price. Selecting a shorter version all depends on you and how much you want the world to see.

In-stock sizes and pricing for expanded sizes

PD Kilts stock-size ranges are 30" to 56" waistbands and lengths at 12", 14", 16", 22" and 36" from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the kilt. We offer many additional sizes and lengths at the same price as our standard models. Expanded sizes and lengths are only an additional $30 to cover materials.

  • Same price group – Waistbands smaller than 30W up to 62W
  • Same price group – Lengths 18L, 20L, 24L and 38L
  • Add $30 for materials – Lengths 26L and 28L
  • Add $30 for materials – Waistband sizes from 64W to 74W

    Personal fittings available at events

    We encourage personal fittings at events to check the fit of the kilt on your body. During your personal fitting, we ensure that the drape of the kilt fits the shape of your body, not just what the numbers dictate.  


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