Custom Kilts

We welcome your innovation!

We love working with customers who want to modify an existing design or create a new kilt design for themselves. You may request a custom kilt design in-person or online. All it takes is a few phone calls or emails and sketches to get it right before we send your request to our kiltmaker for production. Minor modifications such as color or hardware options are usually at the same price as a standard kilt. Other modifications may only be the cost of additional materials. PD Kilts will not use your design for our ready-made line without your permission. Naturally, custom kilts are not returnable or refundable once they are in production.

Examples include

  • Customer-selected fabric swatches for the kilt body or accent colors for weddings, cosplay, employee uniforms and special events
  • Sourcing fabrics for protective or heavy-duty work or hobby environments
  • Swapping or adding hardware colors, options and findings
  • Mashups of two different existing kilt styles to create your own hybrid kilt
  • Decorative fabric, leather or suede accents, panels and straps
  • Lengthening our adjustable waist and hip straps with additional snap buttons to accommodate weight fluctuations or to wear your kilt higher or lower than our standard designs

Pricing Guide

PD Kilts stock-size ranges are 30" to 56" waistbands and lengths at 12", 14", 16", 22" and 36" from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the kilt. We offer many additional sizes and lengths at the same price as our standard models. Expanded sizes and lengths are only an additional $30 to cover materials.

  • Same price group – Waistbands smaller than 30W up to 62W
  • Same price group – Lengths 18L, 20L, 24L and 38L
  • Add $30 for materials – Lengths 26L and 28L
  • Add $30 for materials – Waistband sizes from 64W to 74W
Kilt Length
from top of waistband
In-Stock Sizes
at Events
Not Stocked,
but Same Price
Expanded Sizes
+ $30 Materials
A 2" 12L 30W–56W < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2" 14L 30W–56W < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2" 16L 30W–56W < 30W–62W 64W–74W
B 2.5" 18L < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2.5" 20L < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2.5" 22L 30W–56W < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2.5" 24L < 30W–62W 64W–74W
C 2.5" 26L < 30W–74W
2.5" 28L < 30W–74W
D 2.5" 36L 30W–56W < 30W–62W 64W–74W
2.5" 38L < 30W–62W 64W–74W

Contact PD Kilts Badass Customer Support for a custom quote