Care Instructions

Most of the time a kilt does not need to be cleaned after every wearing. You can touch up and spot treat the kilt with a cold, damp washcloth or sponge. Hang your kilt to keep the pleats looking sharp. When it does come time for you to clean your kilt, we always recommend dry cleaning. Your kilt will come back pressed and looking brand-new every time.

If you do opt to wash your kilt by hand or machine, be prepared to put some time in. Always remove everything from the pockets and secure all snap buttons, pockets, and straps. Wash in cold water by hand or by machine using the gentle cycle. Hang the kilt to dry or lay it flat on a towel. Pull the pleats tight to reshape the kilt. Press the pleats with an iron and steam. You may need to shim the pleats to avoid imprinting them with the pleats behind them. 

PD Kilts will not be held responsible for damages occurred during the dry cleaning process such as bleeding, fading, and shrinkage.