About PD Kilts

PD Kilts came into existence in 2012. My Amazing life partner wanted to get me a utility kilt for a present. Looking around through the different leading kilt manufactures she quickly came to realize that “Damn! Utility kilts are ridiculously expensive and the cheap ones are just crap!”

Being the resourceful women that she is, she researched the history and manufacturing of utility kilts. In her research, we discovered a long-established, multigenerational family who the British Military commissioned to make kilts back in 1912!

We contacted them and since that first communication we have formed a lifetime relationship and now consider each other as family. They taught us so much about kilts, how to check for quality, dying fabric in large batches, double-stitching pockets, and edge-stitching pleats to make them last.

With their expertise and our innovative ideas, we collaborated to design and manufacture some the finest modern utility kilts to be found. Some of our innovations are our adjustable waist and hip strap closures, lighter kilts, interchangeable pockets …

Our quality and selection is par to none. The craftsmanship of our utility kilts is found in no other utility kilt available. We use only the finest materials available, but at prices everyone can afford.

Geeking out on price and quality is great and all, but what really keeps us going is our in-person fitting experiences. When a client feels amazing about themselves, there's a twinkle in their eye and a swagger in their step. We almost always hear the words, “No I think I'll just wear it now.”

Not to brag, but we have some of the most dedicated sales representatives in the world. They go above and beyond to get the client into the kilt that is the perfect fit and style for them. No matter your body type, gender identity or personality, our reps make sure that you walk away with a new found confidence that radiates in a crowd.

We thank all of you for the years of love and support and look forward to serving you for years to come.