Puppy Pride Flag Belt Buckle

Puppy Pride Flag Belt Buckle

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Puppy Pride Belt Buckle

Show everyone your Pride! The interchangeable Puppy Pride Belt Buckle accommodates single-tang belts (up to 2-inches wide) made with removable buckles. The Puppy Pride flag is composed of nine stripes set at 30-degree diagonal to indicate a new direction. The stripes alternate royal blue and royal blue with a wide central stripe of white. The white stripe is wider than the other stripes to represent the broadness of the puppy community. The red bone in the center of the flag indicates the unconditional, non-judgmental heart of the puppy.

  • Crome-polish metal buckle
  • Enamel face
  • 3" W x 2.5" H
  • Fits single-tang belts up to 2 inches wide

Our interchangeable belt buckles are a perfect fit with all our kilts. Kick-ass Customer Support is always available to help. We love to get our customers out of their pants and into our kilts!

International Puppy Pride Flag History

  • Creator: Pup Flip Gray, 2011
  • First Presented: International Puppy Contest, 2011